03 Jan


THE exchange of some hot words between leaders of two political parties recently was heart-rending news.

In a country where most people are living below the poverty line, any verbal onslaught and vituperation between two parties depicts the political immaturity of those who are expected to serve Pakistan.

It should rather be the responsibility of every democratic political party to chalk out the prerequisites of sustainable development in Pakistan and ensure their proper implementation as well. They should work hand in hand to take out the people from the valleys of despair.

The two parties’ success lies in solving the problems of the common man who is struggling for his existence rather than being a part of a cold war. They can win the hearts of the people by doing something for their betterment through selfless devotion. When we talk about revolution, we don’t want it to be confined to governance. Instead we need to revolutionise ourselves, our political thought and our verbal communication as well, which should match with the moral values of our society.


University of the Punjab


This was originally posted in dawn newspaper ( January 2, 2011)

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Posted by on January 3, 2011 in Letters


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