04 May

THE idea of education is not merely to impart knowledge in some subjects but to develop in students those habits and attitudes with which they can successfully face the future.

However, being educated doesn’t necessarily mean that we also fulfil the requirements of being civilised. In fact, education with moral degeneration is useless.

Unfortunately, in our society the combination of immorality and education is quite popular. Foul language is now widely spoken. People, especially youngsters, justify this obscene mode of communication by arguing that it is now socially acceptable and the fact is that nobody takes it quite seriously.

Similarly, mocking each other and ridiculing others for their weaknesses is also a common method of enjoyment.

Cooking cock and bull stories is not considered a shameful act nowadays. All these immoral acts pave the way for much greater social evils such as corruption, nepotism and crime.

It is easy to blame frustration rather than mending our ways. Much of our problems will start to disentangle if we take the right steps and eradicate the evils residing within us. This can be a very small thing like standing in a queue and waiting for your turn. Similarly, using a dustbin to throw trash instead of making a mess everywhere is another small gesture.

These simple acts cost nothing but mean a lot. Things won’t change unless and until all of us are determined to change ourselves. We need to channel our efforts and abilities into the right direction and utilise them for the welfare of our society.

Education is a tool for refining our character and instilling in us those virtues which are the prerequisites of a prosperous society. Being a doctor, an engineer or a teacher is not enough.

All of us also need to imbue ourselves with characteristics of a human being.

Originally posted in DAWN newspaper. March 18, 2011.

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