04 Jun

Amidst the crisis, havoc and the state of trepidation in which we all are dwelling our hopes pertaining to a bright future are vacillating. In a seminar that I attended recently at the University, one of the speakers was of the view that such despair and despondency over the faces of Pakistanis wasn’t found when East Pakistan became Bangladesh but the attack on PNS Mehran base and the brazen US operation in Abbottabad has led the nation to an abysmal state.

Being a Pakistani my heart bleeds when whispers around me claim that Pakistan’s future is uncertain. Corruption, terrorism, poverty and illiteracy are tenaciously attached to our country. Moreover, natural disasters didn’t stay away to make the situation worse. However, despite all odds this miraculous state has always exhibited resplendent resilience. Pakistan’s faltering economy has always compelled her to hold a beggar’s bowl but it is imperative that we should now realize the gravity of the situation. We should try to rely on our resources. Pakistan is a den of natural resources which include crude oil, coal, natural gas, chromite, iron ore, limestone, marble along with a copper-gold mine like Reko Diq. In addition to this, as it is an agrarian country it produces finest quality of rice, wheat and food grains. Exploiting all these resources can enable Pakistan to generate more than what it has to ask for from other countries.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is deprived of an austere and devoted leadership which can envision the transformation of a population of 180 million from a burden to nature’s machinery. The common man should have major participation in the developmental process rather than being a suppressed recipient. Even democracy is a natural outcome of economic progress and high literacy rate.

Pakistan has done enough and converted her precious border areas into a battle field instead of utilizing them for the welfare of the state by being the front line ally of the US in the war against terrorism. Self-reliance is the only option which can steer out Pakistanis from the torrents of hopelessness and it is high time that all the political parties should consider this option in letter and spirit. Otherwise, Pakistan will be viewed as a country which spews out terrorists and nuclear weapons in several directions by trampling its citizens at the first place.

This was originally published in Pakistan Today newspaper on 30th May 2011

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