E-journalism and the youth

17 Jul

E-JOURNALISM is emerging as a powerful form of alternative media. It is a two-way communication traffic where our opinions receive immediate responses and render us well-acquainted with day-to-day happenings.

Social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter are an attraction for the youth.

Unfortunately, these are seldom used for constructive purposes. Cyber bullying is becoming common; photographs and
videos are usually misused.

Youths need to reflect that they do have some sense of responsibility. Students should actively contribute in blogs and
participate in issue-oriented discussions.

Chatting with friends and delving in music on youtube shouldn’t be the sole purpose of using the internet. There are numerous blogs on the internet such as the Voice of Youth which has converted itself into a well-defined Social Action Project.

Similarly, there are multiple other activities like creating a page of your own for a noble cause or for discussion on current affairs. Blogging is a creative and enjoyable activity.

Youngsters are the future architects of Pakistan. High hopes linked with them should foster into a reality which can make Pakistan a progressive country.

This is only possible when the youth understands its responsibility and that it is indebted to this land.

E-journalism is a good option to start with.

This was originally published in Dawn newspaper on July 17, 2011.

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