Power Conservation

25 Jul

THE twin menace of power crisis and loadshedding has made life tough. I want to draw the attention of our experts towards the fact that loadshedding has nothing to do with power conservation. Besides, after a year or so it will be evident that loadshedding does not help to save electricity.

We can understand this ‘loadshedding science’ through a small example. Let us suppose that 100 houses in a locality consume 100 watts per hour of electricity for 12 hours and for the remaining 12 hours they do not receive electricity due to loadshedding.

Overall consumption of electricity in that locality will be 10,000 watts per hour which will be reduced to 5000 watts per hour through loadshedding.

Now let us say that 10 houses in that locality have got uninterrupted power supply units installed or other alternatives that require charged batteries to function.

These 10 houses will consume more electricity (when it is available) during those 12 hours of the day according to the number of UPS units installed.

Now, the overall consumption in the locality will be 7000 watts per hour. Consequently, electricity consumption remains the same for those 10 houses even after loadshedding as they had stored that amount of energy which should have been saved otherwise in accordance with the logic behind loadshedding.

Undoubtedly the concept plus quantity of UPS and battery driven emergency fans and lights is getting common in Pakistan. This proportion will increase along with the increase in loadshedding.

Instead of 10, 40 to 50 houses will get them in a single locality.

Therefore, it is wrong on the part of the government and authorities concerned to justify loadshedding by labelling it a way of energy conservation.

It is a mere illusion and the authorities should accept that ‘power conservation’ is the only way to cope up with the electricity shortfall.

This was originally published in Dawn newspaper on July 25, 2011.

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