Stepping into the ‘Communication World’

26 Aug

‘August 2010’, perhaps the most dreadful month of my life till now. I was engaged in a battle with my parents and there were only two possibilities (like in any battle), either I had to surrender in front of their aspirations or they had to consider my ‘passion for writing’. Fortunately, I won!

I belong to the family of “doctors and engineers”, my mother couldn’t have even dreamt off ‘mass communication’ as ‘my’ choice for a career. Almost everyone in my extended family was shocked at my decision. My choice was hailed with criticism, satirical remarks and sinister smiles which could have tortured me to death and alluded that I was a ‘good-for-nothing student’! I started cursing myself during the sleepless nights and depressing days.

No matter how vitriolic and bitter this was, all this was a blessing in disguise as for the first time in my life I witnessed the magic of ‘self-motivation’. The surge for ‘proving my aim’ got more intense with every passing day. I decided to adhere to my goal, no matter how unrealistic it might be for other people.

Institute of Communication Studies (University of the Punjab) was the ONLY department I applied in and this was the first sign of my steadfastness as I had discarded all other options. Being a bit timid and shy by nature, initially I was intimidated by the diversified ‘University life’. However, it didn’t take long for me to adjust myself in the ‘communication world’ (while there is no defined time for adjusting with people :p ). The first presentation that I gave at the Institute endorsed my decision and I was convinced that – I belong here! 🙂

I stepped into the communication world with a dejected and fearful approach. Gradually, hope started to glimmer- my first letter to the editor got published on October 26, 2010 in one of the most widely read English newspapers of Pakistan. I started to post my published write-ups on my blog. The day I googled out my name and saw it along with my published work, my eyes got flooded with tears of joy :’). The encouragement that I received for writing the first press release for a seminar at the Institute is unforgettable. That ‘moment’ is irreplaceable when I saw my name under the heading of ‘Assistant Editors’ (News Bulletin of the Institute of Communication Studies). That hour is ‘priceless’ when Momal Mushtaq sent me the job description for the post of a News Editor at tVoY, stating that I was a perfect candidate for it.

The thing is not that all these achievements are too big or too small in fact they mean the world to an ordinary and simple girl like me who has fallen in love with ‘words’. I am not a born writer or ‘Ardeshir Cowasjee’ of tomorrow but I am someone who is resolved to pursue her aim, build a positive opinion of her nation and use the pen as her sword while the paper as her saviour.

August 2011 presents an altogether different picture but my nights are still sleepless as I always think of ways to achieve my goals, I am so mesmerized by them that they don’t let me close my eyes. With every new day, each golden ray of the sun urges me to ‘work’ and prove my triumph a ground reality rather than a Utopia.

The reason I am sharing all this is to deliver the message that; “follow your heart and pursue your aims with determination as everything else is secondary”. While choosing a career, just think of WHAT ‘YOU’ WANT TO DO!

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