Sharifs worried about Khan

02 Sep

For the past few months both Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf and Pakistan Muslim League(N) have been claiming their popularity in the most densely populated province of Pakistan. Imran Khan is of the view that with the majority of the youth behind him he will sweep away PML(N) in the next general elections. On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif’s message to the youth of Pakistan on International Youth Day clearly reflects that he has tried to persuade the youth about the devotion of his party by stating that his party is committed to work together with the youth in order to expand horizons of opportunity for the young women and men, answer their legitimate demand for dignity, development and decent work.

These initiatives are undoubtedly good but are mere illusions to meet political ends. It is not good to see that the politicians are playing with the sentiments of the youth. The youth is more committed than ever to play an assertive role in pulling out Pakistan from the inextricable mesh of corruption, faltering economy, poverty, illiteracy and nepotism. Clearing away a few grounds won’t serve well to divert the attention of youth away from their goal as the younger lot has witnessed a lot from the inception of a democratic setup till now.

However, being a part of Pakistani youth, my message to all the politicians would be to stop their dirty politics and make the country what it was supposed to be.

This was originally published in Pakistan Today newspaper on August 30, 2011.

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