My Pakistan

18 Oct

Green pastures, fields and lofty mountains
Valleys and meadows accompanied by fountains
The perfect combination of green and white
Unique in this vast world, is my Pakistan
The precious jewels that it generously generates
The remarkable talent that it frequently expunges
All diversities chained together for so many years
What an inspiring amalgam is my Pakistan
Whether the quakes jolt or floods ruin
Green stems are not afraid to prune
It has given away mutilated bodies
Unforgettable is the creation of my Pakistan
Bricks being gathered under the scorching sun
‘Selfless-effort’ is what it isn’t ready to shun
How can I accept its stagnation then?
‘Perpetual struggle’ is the foundation of my Pakistan
And where will you find this…
Feet without shoes but hearts filled with bliss
Such resilience is possessed by my Pakistan
The carcasses that gush with immense joy
Rivers patiently listen to the pain and the cry
Flowers also know the value of its fertile soil
That is the attraction residing in my Pakistan
All those who lament and stigmatize it
Learn this before it gets too late
There isn’t a better abode than my Pakistan!

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Posted by on October 18, 2012 in Poems from the heart


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