Rethinking Iqbal and the Voice of Youth

09 Nov

Poets come forth, scholars too, and philosophers

-Lands are not empty in seasons of slavery-

(Slave Mentality – English translation of ‘Nafsyaat-e-Ghulami’ by Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal)

The title might seem to be a bit different as one would probably come to the conclusion that what does Iqbal has to do with a social blog or an online youth community. Apparently communication and Iqbal’s thinking seem to be two separate entities. However, they are deeply linked together. Communication is a ‘mosaic’ with each unit being discreet yet intricately connected together. Marshall McLuhan is well known for his statement that: “The medium is the message”. He implied three meanings when he said this by playing on words and I’ll discuss the second one over here. By changing just one letter he stated that – “The medium is the massage” – by which he meant that the medium through which the message is being delivered massages our consciousness and our perceptions.

The poet of the East Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal used poetry as the medium to massage the consciousness of those Muslims which were oblivious about their past glory and were victims of British colonialism. Iqbal always stressed upon revitalizing the social and cultural life by spreading awareness instead of fulfilling political agendas. His medium had the potential to make the message effective. On similar grounds, considering the psyche of today’s younger generation, the Voice of Youth is massaging the consciousness of Pakistan’s youth. It is a heavy responsibility that requires diligence as well as vigilance.

From such platforms the philosophers, poets and writers of tomorrow shall rise in order to shape Pakistan into a progressive country. We need a nationalistic approach in order to tackle the problems of the present day and to move near to this approach people holding divergent views have to unite for ‘national solidarity’. Undermining the new mode of communication will keep us contained in the slave mentality. The need to raise our voice for the best interest of the nation is as significant as the revolutionary poetry of Iqbal!

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