The Perceived ‘Bengali Genocide of 1971’ Compared to the Real ‘Genocide of Rohingya in 2012’

16 Nov

Before I plunge into this ‘seemingly’ irrelevant contrast. I would like to state that there is no justification for the way Bengalis were alienated due to the disparities in the economic structure and political participation of the Eastern and Western half of Pakistan before 1970. There were various factors for this abrupt division, starting from geography and ending at the notorious, concealed media propaganda. Political immaturity of the politicians and ruling Generals tore away the Bengali bud from Pakistan. Disputes of this nature are often a blessing in disguise for the neighbouring rivals. The Indian involvement and intervention was the immediate cause for the creation of Bangladesh, therefore it cannot be ignored. The one who instigates the perpetrator is equally responsible. This is the reason that young trainees of Al Qaeda are not blamed entirely for their transgressions, the organization that instructs them shares the blame with them.

In a recent, but redundant demand by the Bengali foreign ministry that seeks an apology from Pakistan over the ‘perceived Bengali genocide’ in 1971, Bangladesh needs to adopt a rational approach. An apology for the ‘Operation Searchlight‘ conducted by Yahya Khan to track down the conspirators hatched with the help of India’s RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) first requires an apology from those responsible for creating ‘Mukti Bahini’. Those behind ‘Agartala Conspiracy’ should also share the shame for this disaster.

Why a ‘Perceived Bengali Genocide’?

I used the word ‘perceived’ because the Indian propaganda aimed at creating a negative international public opinion about West Pakistan had played a pivotal role. The Bengalis were seen as victims and the Western wing as a brutal butcher. Closely look at the picture above. ‘Operation Search Light’ was turned into a war being aided by the Indian military. The number of deaths were misreported and the situation was amplified by the Indian government to muster the support of other states. A tactical manipulation gave the impression that ‘Muslims are killing Muslims’.

Genocide of the Rohingya

Approximately 800,000 Rohingya Muslims live in Myanmar, forming 4% of the Burma’s total population. Apart from these official estimates, the Muslim population in Myanmar is double according to neutral sources. These Muslims are commonly known as Rohingya Muslims and have never been given the legitimate citizenship of Myanmar despite living there from the 8th century.They are subject to racial discrimination as “Bengalis”, and, under a 1982 law, are denied citizenship.The discriminatory prosecution against them accelerated since 9/11, but it has surpassed all the previous brutality since June 2012. They are being slaughtered mercilessly and images on social media shook the world to view the plight of these innocent victims.As a result, some of them took refuge in Bangladesh. However, the Bangladeshi government seems to be apathetic about the Rohingya Muslims.

Open this link to watch a video by Al Jazeera

The Bangladeshi apathetic attitude towards Rohingya Muslims should make the Bengali foreign ministry think that who will feel sorry for these stateless and innocent victims who are lying at the border of Bangladesh?

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