John Pilger Talks About Media and War

29 Nov

Reviewed by: Fakiha Hassan Rizvi 

Image from Peter Waltkins’s War Game- The least horrible one that I found from Google images.

Documentary/clip: John Pilger talking at Media & War conference in Goldsmiths, London UK on 17th of November 2012.

Duration: 16 minutes (approximately)


Media and War

Introduction: As soon as images of 9/11 flashed around the world, people perceived the world as an unsafe place. Images and sounds through the media scare us even if it is a mediated experience it has a psychological impact. The technology is getting more and more compatible with the perceptual abilities of human beings. We have 3D effects and various other enhanced versions of perceiving what the world is like. Media and War or the coverage of War is an extensive debate. It’s beyond the ethical dimension, now, the question is that of survival. In such an alarming situation, media organizations that are viewed as the most responsible ones should curb the promotion of war, and violence in general. Pilger in his address to the Media and War Conference in Goldsmiths, London, UK narrates some incidents that prove how large media giants like BBC are working for the proliferation of war. The media ‘is’, to say the ‘least’, a tool being used by those who intend to enslave the world and push it towards perpetual disaster. 

Audience:It’s meant for everyone as media is largely a social institution for so many of us. However, the potential audience for this 15 minutes talk are the media professionals, scholars, practitioners, journalists and experts of international relations.

Summary:We need people speaking within media institution for truth. There are people who feel the negative role played by media for promoting war. There is a strong need for all of us to search for truth and not to rely on what the media is communicating. Pilger argues during his presentation in the conference that the most powerful media is playing an irresponsible role. He substantiates his claim by giving the following examples:

 Peter Watkins (BBC’s brilliant maverick) made a film, titled ‘War Games’ that reconstructed the effect of 1 mega tonne of nuclear attack on London. A top-level meeting was called by government officials that declared it as an outstanding film, but placed an objection over the impacts it’ll have on the viewers.

 IT WAS A THREAT! – manifestations of a nuclear war

 The film was censored, but it was uplifted. Since that day, such censorship by mission runs through BBC for achieving the motives of ‘State Propaganda‘.Pilger suggests that the escape route is to strive for your right to speak! Journalism in the mainstream doesn’t address our needs, it works for some gruesome interests.

David Patreaus the former CIA Director is heavily stigmatized by Pilger for coining the phrase ‘perpetual war‘. The way he has descended is in front of anyone. Pentagon has spent about $4.5 billion dollars for the propaganda model constructed by Patreaus. The media was seduced by this former corrupt military official. No one in the media challenged his role as a deceiver.

The coverage of Obama done by the media had no justification at all.

  1. 6 pages in the Guardian (which is a UK-based newspaper not the US print media outlet)
  2. None of the celebrities in Hollywood could have competed with Obama’s pictures in the Guardian

Media professionals in the West have been programmed to tell lies. The journalists are never taught to look at the society through a mirror, instead they are told to reduce the culpability of their government. Always see the criminals in other countries. 

Conclusion:You need to view this if you are interested in knowing about ‘how the world is shown to you’ and understand it’s not what the world is!

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