The Role of International Powers in Resolving the Kashmir Issue

12 Dec

Note from the Author  I joined the Institute of Communication Studies in October 2010 and enjoyed the privilege of attending ‘almost’ all the weekly seminars arranged at the Institute. These seminars fueled critical debates, interactive sessions and thought-provoking discussions over sociopolitical issues. Usually, top media commentators, journalists, analysts and experts were invited as guests. The tradition still carries on. Unfortunately, I didn’t post all the reports on my blog which I used to draft right after the last speaker left the mic. At that time I was serving as the Assistant Editor for the official News Bulletin of the Institute of Communication Studies. I have left the post, but my passion hasn’t died. I shall be sharing (one by one) the views/comments of all the speakers that came in the seminars to discuss national and international issues. In my opinion, it is essential to electronically preserve these valuable comments. I decided to name this category ‘Voice of Pakistani Media’. This is the first post for this important category and there are a lot more to come.

Kashmir: the disputed territory

Prof Dr. Ahsan Akhtar Naz
Director Institute of Communication Studies
University of the Punjab, New Campus, Lahore

“Instead of resolving the Kashmir issue, which is a bone of contention between the nuclear powers of South Asia, only lip-service has been paid over this issue during the past 63 years”.

Shamshad Ahmad (former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan)

“Inefficient leadership of Pakistan has placed the Kashmir issue in limbo. Domestic and foreign policy of Pakistan needs to be revamped”.

Prof. Dr Mughees uddin Sheikh (former Dean of Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, University of the Punjab, New Campus). Present Dean of Mass Communication department, Superior University.

“Pakistan will be left barren and battered due to the twin menaces of famine and drought without Kashmir”.

Sajjad Mir
T.V anchor and Director for Current Affairs at News One

“Kashmir issue was never in the priority list of International stalwarts like the United States and Russia”.

Prof Dr. Ijaz Butt
Principal Government College Township
Professor of International Relations and Political Science

“Super powers had always supported Indian stance over the issue because of their vested interests in India. Pakistan was never supported by the US over the Kashmir issue despite being front line non-NATO ally of the US in the so-called ‘war on terror’. Conversely, the US drone attacks targeted its own ally (Pakistan).”


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