Tina Foster Stigmatizes the US for its Violation of Human Rights

18 Dec

Human Rights Defence

Human Rights Defence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Aafia Siddiqui from her FBI wanted poster

Originally held on December 21, 2010 

Tina Foster

Tina Monshipour Foster is the founder and Executive Director of the International Justice Network.  Ms. Foster serves as lead counsel in IJNetwork’s litigation on behalf detainees imprisoned without charge at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, and other international human cases against the United States government involving enforced disappearances, torture, rendition, and prolonged arbitrary detention.  In addition to her work at IJN, Ms. Foster also represents corporations, non-profits, and individuals who have been targeted or profiled in national security investigations in her private practice at the Law Office of Tina M. Foster.

“Violation of human rights,in any form,signals the degeneration of ‘human values‘. Media can play a decisive role for the safety of human rights.”

Suggestion: Sensitization of human rights must take place from primary level at schools and should strengthen till University level.
Criticism: Western Media is portraying Islam as a barrier to peace.

“The people of Pakistan must put pressure on the country’s leadership and administration to hold talks with the US government regarding Aafia’s return to Pakistan. In case, a Christian woman in Pakistan would have been arrested and convicted under Pakistani laws, the US would have exhibited all their might to bring her back. It’s not just Aafia, it’s the case of the entire, abandoning Aafia would mean that any Pakistani citizen can be trampled by the US”. 

Professor Dr Ahsan Akhtar Naz 
Director, Intsitute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab 

“Students of University of the Punjab, in particular, have been playing a significant part in national and international movements.”

Dr. Fouzia Siddiqui – Sister of Dr Aafia Siddiqui
Human Rights Activist

“9/11 had made conditions worse for the American-Muslims, we are being victimized and subjugated.” 

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Note from the Author  I joined the Institute of Communication Studies in October 2010 and enjoyed the privilege of attending ‘almost’ all the weekly seminars arranged at the Institute. These seminars fueled critical debates, interactive sessions and thought-provoking discussions over sociopolitical issues. Usually, top media commentators, journalists, analysts and experts were invited as guests. The tradition still carries on.Unfortunately, I didn’t post all the reports on my blog which I used to draft right after the last speaker left the mic. At that time I was serving as the Assistant Editor for the official News Bulletin of the Institute of Communication Studies. I have left the post, but my passion hasn’t died. I shall be sharing (one by one) the views/comments of all the speakers that came in the seminars to discuss national and international issues. In my opinion, it is essential to electronically preserve these valuable comments. I decided to name this category ‘Voice of Pakistani Media’.


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