College Life

27 Dec


Walking through the twisted paths of life
No one knows what our destiny would be
Leaving a few just to meet new people here
This is how you begin your college life

Peer pressure of studies enters into your life
But try to feel this on the right time
Text books aside and you start enjoying here
This marks the essence of your college life

Teachers with changed masks to explain life
No doubt only a few get ready to listen
The cruel fine policy and crazy test sessions
This is the dark side of your college life

Roars, giggles and laughs penetrate into life
You realize that tears are also to be shared
You fight, play and compete with each other
This is the change introduced by college life

Don’t forget the memories installed in your life
Everything would get engraved till you leave
Maturity fused with naughtiness, you will find…
This is what makes you love your college life

“Every beginning has an end”; is the law of life
How would you feel when you will depart?
Confused emotions of happiness mixed with sorrow
This is how you detach yourself from college life

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Posted by on December 27, 2012 in Poems from the heart


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