Either Brother in Faith or Brother in Humanity

30 Dec

By Mansoor Syed
Director ‘Canada Beyond Borders’
Mansoor Syed

Canada Beyond Borders (CBB) “World Developmental Relief Organization” is a Canadian Not for Profit group helping under privileged communities around the world. It’s a group of professionals from all walks of life and background providing knowledge based innovative solutions to communities in need within their local environment around the world.

CBB Core Values include; “Respect Humanity, Harmonize Prosperity”. All are welcome to join CBB. and chip in your share in Education, Health, Safe Drinking Water, and socio-economic, self propelled sustainable development. Capacity Building.

I salute those Christians and Muslims who still follow, honour and practice declaration of Mubahila signed between Prophet of Islam (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the elders (Christians scholars) of Najran some 1380 years ago on  March 16, 632 AD. Learned wise Muslims and Christians deserves our appreciation of keeping spirit of the declaration alive till today which has harmonized the human society. Prophet of Islam (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) when asked about the human relationship in this context has clearly given a charter to humanity. I quote “Either you are brother in Faith or brother in Humanity” unquote. How beautifully the harmonic balance of equality, responsibility and obligation towards each other has been created in society – that’s why- every Muslim is duty bound to protect the life and property of their Christian brother’s specially living in Muslim governments. Since that day only and only camouflaged Muslim (terrorists) – those who do not have an understanding of Islam, the spirit of Mubahila and have no respect for Prophet of Islam (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) are killing innocent human beings, Christians and Muslims alike around the world. That is one of the reason Europeans cried in the past that Islam was propagated in Europe with the power of sword. It’s a historical depiction of those camouflaged Muslim terrorists. Those terrorists are culturally Muslims by their tribal tradition and have nothing to do with Islam. Westerners should read and understand the Arabic cultural history and should restrain labeling every Arab cultural act as Islamic.

As an example I quote, recently the Niqab issue in the Canadian Court. Niqab is an Arabic cultural tradition of a specific tribe. Recently, I wrote to my friend Jason on this issue and reproduced here FYI. I quote “Jason thanks for understanding – I very much appreciate your clarity between religious and cultural jurisdictions. I am afraid, mostly followers of Islam do not have that Clarity: I will definitely share your thoughts with my folks!. Judges are right in making their judgments within the legal framework. However, I remind to all, loud and clear that it has nothing to do with Islam. Niqab is an Arabic Cultural and tribal tradition. Please restrain to contemplate this issue with Islam. The dress code of women in Islam is exactly or somewhat similar what Mom of Jesus – Isa Iona Merriam (peace be upon her) wore and is being practiced by nuns in churches. There should be no Confusion; we Canadians don’t see room for criticism to any cultural practices. Nevertheless legal civic requirements should not be compromised.” Unquote.

The roots of those culturally Muslims are very strongly in the region of former USSR. One has to be very careful in tracing historical movements of the past, as the terrorists’ roots will lead to planes of Mubahila. We have seen episode of 9/11 terrorist attach conspired and reflection of their past. In Russia movement is taking roots for banning these Muslim terrorist groups.

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it's not with God

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