Pakistan in ‘India Today’ During 2012- Part 3

07 Jan

Messpot or Despots

July 2, 2012 Edition ‘India Today

Cover stories: *Messpot of Despots *Why Pakistan Failed as a Sate?

*Messpot of Despots
Qaswar Abbas in Islamabad and Sandeep Unnithan in New Delhi

The article labels the sacking of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza as one of the ‘most watched’ television show in Pakistan. Qaswar and Sandeep formulate the opinion that an adamant judiciary, corrupt politicians and journalists compromising the prime values of truth and impartiality, steered the nation towards a brittle democratic structure. It discusses the plated interview of Malik Riaz that erupted debates about ‘media accountability’ in the country.

Messpot of Deposts throws light upon the following challenges being faced by Pakistan

– Sectarian violence

– Faltering economy

– Wavering ties with the US

In addition to this, it rightly inducts the thesis that Gillani was enjoying a ‘borrowed time’ as a premier because he had blatantly defied the orders of the apex court. The leaked video of property tycoon ‘Malik Riaz’ has been presented as a matter of media ethics. In addition to this, Qaswar and Sandeep opine that in case Shahabuddin will succeed Gillani then this would evoke the already disgruntled Chief Justice. As stated in Messpot of Despots:

In 2011, Chaudhry directed Pakistan’s Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) to arrest and question Shahabuddin for approving a 2009 import of nine tonnes of ephedrine as health minister. The drug was imported by two pharmaceutical firms to ties with Gilani’s second son Ali Musa, a member of the National Assembly. Mindful of this controversy, the PPP has also nominated Raja Pervez Ashraf as a back-up candidate.

*Why Pakistan failed at a state
Dhiraj Nayyar discusses the annual ranking of failed states published by the Foreign Policy magazine, according tot which Pakistan was declared as a failed state. The writer builds the opinion that it is the ‘bankrupt economy’ instead of politics which has pulled the nation to a beleaguered state.



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One response to “Pakistan in ‘India Today’ During 2012- Part 3

  1. aiman

    January 7, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    ahan well look whose talking abt sectarian violence in Pakistan .the very reason sectarian violence has become a major threat to our existence is India.promoting it through its agencies like RAW.I don’t entirely deny that faults exist within ourselves too.though i don’t deny that wavering ties with US and the abysmal state of our economy is mostly our Government’s fault.and if PAKISTAN is a failed state which is strongly oppose reasons being independent judiciary ,strong media ,increasingly stirring democracy which is still feeble .,then india is the biggest failed state of them all.home to a number of internal insurgencies,the sheer amount of poor people unable to scrap even a single meal a day,the number of violent acts against people of different religions ,and the sheer amount of corruption that goes on in their beloved india .I came across an article where it was revealed that total amount of black money deposited by indian politicians and other indian persons of power in swiss banks was more than the whole world put together.WE the Pakistanis have a bright future ,though today it may not seem this way but the current generation of brilliant individuals are and will INSHALLAH turn our future around 🙂


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