Eunuchs will Contest Elections in Pakistan

25 Feb

Adding another feather to its cap, the Supreme Court of Pakistan passed a laudable decision in September 2012 that declared equal inheritance rights for Eunuchs in Pakistan. This historic decision has started to throw some positive vibes. The transgenders are often viewed with contempt and nuisance for their choices of earning livelihood. However, many do not pay attention to the fact that the options are narrowed down for them. Giving shelter to Eunuch is an abhorred action, while having one under your roof is a matter of shame in Pakistan. They might be viewed with hatred, but they won’t surrender in front of the image that the society paints of them and aspires to make it socially acceptable at the same time.

Sanam Fakeer, a poster-girl for Eunuchs in Pakistan will show others that how taboos attached with the transgender community can be warded off constructively. The area that she has selected is ‘politics’. Yes! For the first time in Pakistan a Eunuch will contest elections. Sanam is going to ask for votes to win a seat in provincial assembly from Sukkur. Owing to the unique and unusual aspect related to her involvement in the politics, she has instantly captured ‘media attention’. As quoted by Newsweek Pakistan,
“It is not our destiny to merely dance for others and hold begging bowls. We have a life to live,” Sanam Fakir, 32, told AFP by telephone from the town of Sukkur, about 800 kilometers southwest of Islamabad.

It is obvious that there are bleak chances for Sanam to grab the seat, but her statements are surely to win hearts. In her opinion, Eunuchs, together, form an incorruptible segment of the society as they have fewer needs and negligible family life. There is no apparent error in her argument as Pakistanis have given plenty of chances to corrupt politicians- maybe Eunuchs can teach them how to free themselves from the heinous corruption! While hearing the case of Shazia Chaudhry (another Euncuh who successfully won her case in apex court) even the Supreme Court suggested that “the government should hire eunuchs to collect from those who had defaulted on loans by the government”.

Transgenders like Shazia and Sanam can pacify the woes of their community. On the other hand, they are a pertinent reminder that God has created nothing without a purpose or to put it the other way around, ‘every life has a purpose’. If they get a chance to furnish their talents they too can contribute towards the society. Once they outshine others no one will remember them as transgenders (just like Jacques Kallis is known as the only cricketer in the history of the game to hold more than 11,000 runs and 250 wickets in both one day and Test match cricket, despite being a Eunuch). According to the estimates, approximately 500,000 Eunuchs in Pakistan are eligible to hold office positions, the society just can’t leave them to dance and beg!

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