Pakistan’s Parliamentary History

17 Mar

Another elected government in Pakistan dived into the pages of history. Unlike its predecessors, this time the civilian regime completed its constitutional tenure of five years. Considering the bleak chances associated with the survival of elected representatives, the outgoing parliamentarians do deserve an appreciation for moving through all thick and thin.

2013 is the ‘year of elections’ in many parts of the world. Pakistanis will also reach the ballot box for constituting a new parliament. The country is expecting to witness the first civilian-to-civilian transfer of power under the amended constitution and reformed Election Commission. History suggests that the coveted change, perhaps, has been initialized. March 16, 2013 marks an unprecedented happening in the political history of Pakistan. However, this date (i.e March 16) is attached with various other happenings. I came across a this interesting analysis over social media:

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 I attempted to design a timeline by sequencing the ‘elected’ assemblies (dictatorial regimes are excluded from the timeline) of Pakistan since her creation.


Liaquat & Khwaja -page001

Nazimuddin & Ghulam Muhmmad -page001

Muhammad ALi Bogra -page001

Provincial elections in E.Pak-page001

Proda repealed-page001

Dissolution of Constituent Assembly -page001

Second constituent assembly of Pakistan -page001

One Unit Scheme -page001

First Martial Law-page001

Bhutto -page001


elections 1977 pakistan -page001

Benazir first term -page001

Elections 1990 and 1993 -page001

elections 1997-page001

third martial law musharraf-page001

elections 2008 Pakistan -page001

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