Morsi’s First Flight to South Asia, Pakistan – the Chosen Destination

18 Mar


Image source: APP 

Egypt’s first democratically elected President, Mohammad Morsi landed in Pakistan. The president belonging to Muslim Brotherhood, a party of staunch Islamic nature that has troubles in adjusting with the secular segments of Egyptian society chose Pakistan as his destination for the first flight to South Asia. This clearly reveals his intention to open a new chapter in the bilateral diplomatic ties of the two countries (Pakistan and Egypt). 

It is worth mentioning that the only country that Muhammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan) visited near to independence in 1947 was Egypt. More than half a century ago (during 1960s) late Gamel Abdel Nasser was the first Egyptian president to visit Pakistan. Back home the colonel was the architect of socialist reform and pan-Arab nationalism. It was for this reason that Nasser opposed and even condemned the Baghdad Pact (later to be known as CENTO) of 1955 as it was not a good omen for the Soviet Union. Nasser was a real tooth ache for the West as he nationalized the Suez Canal (1956) and attempted to unite Syria and Egypt (United Arab Republic) for a short period of time. He was feared by the West and Israel for his influential role in Arab politics that aimed at uniting Arab countries.

Today, an Islamist president from the same country is facing challenges of the same nature. The Arab countries are more fragmented than ever after the prevalence of Arab spring and the Syrian massacre that has entered its third year. The Pakistan’s recent inclination towards Iran and the inauguration of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline at a time when the general elections has already made foreign affairs a daunting task for the upcoming government makes Morsi’s visit more significant. In addition to this, Morsi being the only “elected” Islamist in the region is expected to play a greater role for bringing an end to bloodshed in Syria. Pakistan is also persuading the Egyptian president to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Morsi's visit to Pakistan


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