Catch them when they are Young!- Chinese Mini MBA Professionals

11 Apr

National emblem of the People's Republic of China

National emblem of the People’s Republic of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine a six year old child studying business administration and all the tactics to keep the accounts in order. This isn’t a mere figment, the Chinese have always been known for generating human capital. The generator of human machinery has left behind all other countries by awarding mini MBA and Finance degrees to children as young as 7 years.

Now the minors will learn how to count piles of money and the mechanics of business transactions. News reports suggest that this unusual course is sparking concerns about ‘money worship’ within the Chinese society and a materialistic mindset of the future generation.

Mini-MBA for Chinese kids-page001

Moreover, the courses are very expensive and only affording parents can allow their children to avail the opportunity. This doesn’t mean that majority of the Chinese population can’t afford these courses. According to the 2013 Hurun Report, a fifth of the world’s billionaires are from China. And now, some of these rich Chinese families are sending their young children to special training programs to help them learn and understand how to manage money, Chengdu Business Daily reported. The statistical trends and the overall scenario depicts the financial apprehension pruning in China. In my opinion the concern can be categorized as a renewed anxiousness because an average Chinese student already worries too much, works a lot and worships money as a consequence. The purpose is a lot different though, they want to work for the economic needs of their country as a whole and not for their individual pockets.

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