May 11, 2013: The Big Day, Pakistanis line up in Polling Booths

11 May

I celebrate the inclusion of “true” multi-party system in the political arena of my country and the defeat of long standing notion that politics in Pakistan is mere partnership between individuals. It was the first ever vote of my life and I fulfilled my social obligation for Pakistan and not for individuals. 


Apart from the quantified data and other post-election alliances, some manifestations are healthy for the poltical structure of the country. I don’t promise accuracy or precision, but being a student of mass communication and Journalism this is what I have deduced:

  • Regardless of who wins, PTI is the winner for bringing its leaders into National Assembly after 17 years of strenous efforts. 
  • Apart from MQM and other who deliberately banked on murky electoral malpractices, all other political stakeholders and the Army as an institution deserves a laud for conducting the elections. 
  • The role of citizens with regards to observation, following and participation in the elections has been unprecedented. 
  • The nation might have called for change, however, it has proved today that it covets for ‘democracy’ and ‘pluralism’. 
  • Media needs to be more vigilant than ever as reports about rigging and other untoward events were reported by the social media at a pace that left the mushroom-sized channels apart. 



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