Pakistan becomes the 27th most Popular Country on Facebook

29 Jun

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a report of the Third World Strategy website, Pakistan now has 9,000,000 users on Facebook. The demographic profile and other segregated data reveals that 70% of the Facebook users in Pakistan are under the age of 25 and around 44,000 new users join Facebook on weekly basis.

The most interesting slant in the findings is related to the gender. In almost every age group the number of male users outweighed female users. The revelations do not end here as the website also claims that Android is the most popular Smartphone OS in Pakistan. Males prefer to get their hands on Androids while females remain content with iOS. The older individuals also cling to iOS and the youth banks on Android phones.

The analysis of brands in the market depict the ‘lion’s share’ for HTC and Samsung. With regards to the operators, Ufone remains popular among women and Mobilink is being preferred by men. Dell laptops are all scattered among teens (Thanks to the Laptop scheme which made everyone a merit scholar!).

The findings also connect the rise in GPRS supported cellular phones with the penetration of Facebook. Almost 5 million users access Facebook through their cell phones. Ufone is the most widely used network for visiting social networking websites.

The noteworthy fact remains unnoticed in most of the blog posts and news releases regarding the popularity of ‘social media conglomerate’ in Pakistan. Males are taking the leverage of social media more than female members. Can this lead to the conclusion that the male gender is more comfortable in voicing it’s views over social networks?


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