A girl who wants to use the pen as her sword and the paper as her saviour- this is the sentence that I often use for myself. I am a student of B.Sc (Hons) Communication Studies at Punjab University. I wish to pursue journalism as my career and I take ardent interest in anything that is creative and requires some exercising of grey cells. Passionate to become a poet and columnist, my belief is that columnists can play a vital role in raising the morale of the nation and at the same time, inspiring thousands of people who read them. I like reading books related to social sciences and history, writing articles on social issues and playing with kittens.

Fakiha served as the sub-editor of Phone World Magazine for two years. She has been contributing for English dailies like Dawn, The Nation, Pakistan Today, Pakistan Observer and the most widely read English magazine among the civil and military bureaucracy of Pakistan – Jahangir’s World Times. She is also associated with an online youth blog (the Voice of Youth) as a News Editor. Fakiha also contributes as blogger for The News International Blog and writes columns for Daily Times. In addition to this, she is serving as a bridge blogger for the South Asian region @ Global Voices.

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