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Poetic verses inscribed by Fakiha’s pen.

Faith in Humanity

Concealing our flesh beneath the skin
We humans diverge. while possessing the same
Try going near the fire, in any game 
Human blood boils near every kiln 

Rather than instilling all that is good
Our apathy, devalues the priceless lives
Sectarian mayhem or terrorism, anarchy or civil strife 
Under which human values do they brood?

With coffins of the dead, under the daunting sky 
It requires a protest to justify your sorrow 
Woes that can neither be lent nor be borrowed
Tears pooled in through a decade of ‘cry’

Equally hurt is the bunch of humans 
Which helplessly views their long-lived plight
Condemning and mourning they know what’s right
For it is just the faith in ‘humanity’ 

* Dedicated to the people of Hazara community. I salute their patience on human lines.


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College Life


Walking through the twisted paths of life
No one knows what our destiny would be
Leaving a few just to meet new people here
This is how you begin your college life

Peer pressure of studies enters into your life
But try to feel this on the right time
Text books aside and you start enjoying here
This marks the essence of your college life

Teachers with changed masks to explain life
No doubt only a few get ready to listen
The cruel fine policy and crazy test sessions
This is the dark side of your college life

Roars, giggles and laughs penetrate into life
You realize that tears are also to be shared
You fight, play and compete with each other
This is the change introduced by college life

Don’t forget the memories installed in your life
Everything would get engraved till you leave
Maturity fused with naughtiness, you will find…
This is what makes you love your college life

“Every beginning has an end”; is the law of life
How would you feel when you will depart?
Confused emotions of happiness mixed with sorrow
This is how you detach yourself from college life

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Sky and Sea

As the tides embrace the sea shore

The grieved sky attempts to implore

From where did you get this simplicity?

The tides reply along with the flow

It’s a consequence of our inner felicity

Transforming turbulence into unity

Much higher, yet you lack serenity

On the surface we portray composure

Your lofty character is just an exposure

Still people aim to fly high and forget you

Giggling softly, the sea moves to pay her due

What if I send back all that you pour down

I tolerate the thunder and your frown

Those forgetting me after flying off

Actually forget the place of withering off


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Ambience of my Jolted Land

Thick clouds of fear and terror are around
Least bothered are those who have been crowned
Sighs of grief and pain still remain unheard
Deprived of peace is this unfortunate world

Emaciated stomachs and parched tongues long for food
People are forced to swallow things which are crude
Wealth is the possession of those who are shrewd
Fate of the poor, depends solely on their mood

Even the firmament has lost its pacifying beauty
Succession of drones has shattered the serenity
To make it worse, there came a natural calamity
Another opportunity to establish a show of charity

The rivers also wept as much as they could
It’s our responsibility to do more than we should
In fact, if we won’t help then no one would
‘Shelter’, a far cry, at least give them a hood

Searching for helping hands many died in water
The fierce waves got together and decided to batter
For humans, it should be a serious matter
Do implement what you say to make things better

Such is the ambience of my jolted land
The need of the hour is a caressing hand
As, distraught with dismay are those on this sand
Rise and rebuild their dreams just as they planned

Dedicated to the people of Pakistan,Earth quake victims of 2005, flood victims of 2010, drone attack victims and every single person who has been affected by the so-called war on terror that is terrorizing the world instead of eliminating terrorism.

Originally posted at the Voice of Youth


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Human Construction in the Materialistic World

Two sockets to accommodate a pair of eyes
Due to them this complex device cries
But today, man has taught them to become spies
Dwelling in them is lust for ephemeral joys

Two cartilaginous sound receivers on both sides
They can efficiently detect the screams and sighs
But today, they even ignore the ferocious tides
Engrossed in fabrications, for which today’s man strives

Two arms strong enough to lift and support
Are being used to steal and chop someone’s throat
They refuse to help anyone near or remote
‘Guns and shells’, this is what they promote

A small fleshy speaker which exhibits perfect duality
It allures others through its’ pitch and clarity
Today, it has mastered the skills of acerbity
Forgetting that soft speech is a part of generosity

A complex storehouse of feelings which supplies blood
It is covered with rust although made from mud
Polluted intentions have made it their cozy hut
Very delicate, but today, it is like a walnut

At last, a rotten soul which is wandering aimlessly
It has thirst for contentment and tranquillity
But today, man considers wealth as a source of felicity
I shed tears when I can’t find humanity and piety…

Originally posted at the Voice of Youth

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If I Call Life . . .

If I call life a ‘rainbow’…
Even then I can’t possess all the colours
Vague dreams and never-ending desires
Misery and pain lined up in a row

If I call life a ‘scenery’…
Even then it can’t be evenly adorned
‘Sacrifices and compulsions’, how bitter it looks
Failures can only be repelled through bravery

If I call life a ‘journey’
Even then it doesn’t allow any vehicle
Thorny bushes and brutal creatures around you
Conditions can’t always favour you to act fervently

If I call life a well-planned map
Even then my destination is unpredictable
While the right path always offers resistance
To escape, there aren’t even wings to flap

If I call life a matter of seconds
Even then some wait for it to pass
Faces devoid of hope and shattered dreams
Sometimes it is difficult to count your blessings

If I call life a ‘test’
Even then some don’t bother to attempt
Seeking worldly comforts and forgetting the hereafter
Only a few try to do their level best

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Have a look at this intricately fashioned globe
How it has been beautified with perfect contrast
Soothing green carpet and calm blue canopy
Compels you to admire its each and every lobe

Have you ever imagined it without these colours?
How it would appear with all its ink gone…
Dull, boring and blank is a portrait without paint
Life would surely lose all its vivid flavours

Have a look at the sky, brushed with black
How it has been studded with priceless jewels
Far beyond the reach of Kings are these colours
Dazzling for the artist is this silver round on black

Have you ever imagined it to be washed off?
How it would appear with all its glitter invisible
Surely no one would bother to look above
You and I love to live due to these colours

Have a look at whatever you swallow and chew
How it has been made mouth watering for you
The perfect blend of colours tempts you to eat
Nature has already garnished all that you need

Have you ever imagined all this to be colourless
How it would appear with its blank coat
Probably no one would relish this feast
Your sense of sight might seem to be useless

Have a look at the humble king of flowers
How it has been made a symbol of love
Those red chunks resting among green carvings
So inspiring is this beauty which nature showers

As I look towards the roof of this globe
The rays of the golden ball give me hope
Colours encourage me to move despite all obstacles
I owe my existence to these conspicuous colours

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