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John Pilger Talks About Media and War

Reviewed by: Fakiha Hassan Rizvi 

Image from Peter Waltkins’s War Game- The least horrible one that I found from Google images.

Documentary/clip: John Pilger talking at Media & War conference in Goldsmiths, London UK on 17th of November 2012.

Duration: 16 minutes (approximately)


Media and War

Introduction: As soon as images of 9/11 flashed around the world, people perceived the world as an unsafe place. Images and sounds through the media scare us even if it is a mediated experience it has a psychological impact. The technology is getting more and more compatible with the perceptual abilities of human beings. We have 3D effects and various other enhanced versions of perceiving what the world is like. Media and War or the coverage of War is an extensive debate. It’s beyond the ethical dimension, now, the question is that of survival. In such an alarming situation, media organizations that are viewed as the most responsible ones should curb the promotion of war, and violence in general. Pilger in his address to the Media and War Conference in Goldsmiths, London, UK narrates some incidents that prove how large media giants like BBC are working for the proliferation of war. The media ‘is’, to say the ‘least’, a tool being used by those who intend to enslave the world and push it towards perpetual disaster. 

Audience:It’s meant for everyone as media is largely a social institution for so many of us. However, the potential audience for this 15 minutes talk are the media professionals, scholars, practitioners, journalists and experts of international relations.

Summary:We need people speaking within media institution for truth. There are people who feel the negative role played by media for promoting war. There is a strong need for all of us to search for truth and not to rely on what the media is communicating. Pilger argues during his presentation in the conference that the most powerful media is playing an irresponsible role. He substantiates his claim by giving the following examples:

 Peter Watkins (BBC’s brilliant maverick) made a film, titled ‘War Games’ that reconstructed the effect of 1 mega tonne of nuclear attack on London. A top-level meeting was called by government officials that declared it as an outstanding film, but placed an objection over the impacts it’ll have on the viewers.

 IT WAS A THREAT! – manifestations of a nuclear war

 The film was censored, but it was uplifted. Since that day, such censorship by mission runs through BBC for achieving the motives of ‘State Propaganda‘.Pilger suggests that the escape route is to strive for your right to speak! Journalism in the mainstream doesn’t address our needs, it works for some gruesome interests.

David Patreaus the former CIA Director is heavily stigmatized by Pilger for coining the phrase ‘perpetual war‘. The way he has descended is in front of anyone. Pentagon has spent about $4.5 billion dollars for the propaganda model constructed by Patreaus. The media was seduced by this former corrupt military official. No one in the media challenged his role as a deceiver.

The coverage of Obama done by the media had no justification at all.

  1. 6 pages in the Guardian (which is a UK-based newspaper not the US print media outlet)
  2. None of the celebrities in Hollywood could have competed with Obama’s pictures in the Guardian

Media professionals in the West have been programmed to tell lies. The journalists are never taught to look at the society through a mirror, instead they are told to reduce the culpability of their government. Always see the criminals in other countries. 

Conclusion:You need to view this if you are interested in knowing about ‘how the world is shown to you’ and understand it’s not what the world is!

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9/11: Proven Facts versus Fabricated Reality?

Reviewed by: Fakiha Hassan Rizvi 

Documentary: AwPT – 911 Ramifications videos (part of Seattle Media Community)

Released on: September 20, 2012

Producer: Pastor Don
Link for the documentary

Introduction: A documentary that discovers hidden lies, explains the manipulative strategies employed by a few – Yes! Just ‘a few’ people to mould events in order to set the world stage in accordance with their nefarious designs. If you dare to watch this, it’ll take just 58 minutes or even less to learn that events of 9/11 and those after it are nothing more than a ‘LIE’.

Here is your chance of knowing the ‘ifs and buts of 9/11’- the biggest propaganda of 21st century! I am not a bearded Taliban or a conservative Muslim fundamentalist … (pardon me)… they call them terrorists, now! Anyhow, a series of small clips combined in this documentary is sure to reveal some appalling facts, visuals and underlying realities buried, perhaps, under the debris of World Trade Centre.

On September 11, 2001 a 9 year old (at that time) like me along with the rest of the world went through a mediated experience that numbed the senses for a while. ‘Two air crafts colliding with the tallest buildings of the world one after the other’- ‘World Trade Centre at ground level within minutes’. From that day onwards not a single year has passed without listening about 9/11. It’s 2012 , I am pursuing a bachelors degree and professors teaching Mass Communication have directed me to read books written after the 9/11 attacks- why? It’s simple, 9/11 revised the world as it happened for this purpose. They alleged Osama Bin Laden to be the ‘most wanted man’ of the century and in the most specialized form of man hunt, they dug him out from a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan (my country) – so man hunt is better than all those complicated satellites and tracking systems they are spending their dollars on. That’s what I knew till I had watched this terrific documentary connecting each dot leading to the real culprits (as suggested by facts not just conspiracy theories) behind 9/11 attacks.

Producer of this documentary, himself tags it as ‘the most important work he has ever produced during a span of 7 years’. Pastor Don will convince you to endorse his words ‘It is now time for the real truth to go viral around the world’. 


The documentary brings together 4 startling clips starting from the ‘9/11 Conspiracy Theories‘ and ending at the ‘Death of American Democracy’.

 9/11 – A Conspiracy Theory

 The first clip reiterates the various conspiracy theories attached with the events of 9/11. In a nutshell, this is what all of them claim in an integrated form.

September 10, 2011 $ 203 trillion were missing from American and the reasons for this were being investigated in the Budget Revenue office of Pentagon (first floor), but a plane came at precisely the right place to explode things (first floor). On day after this, September 11, 2001, the world was taught how 19 men from ‘halfway’ around the world under the leadership of a technologically paralysed (Osama Bun Laden) used satellite communication systems to blow the tallest tower of the world. Pundits, News Anchors, Analysts, members of Bush administration through their reaction somehow gave the impression that they knew about it before it happened. Records were destroyed during the investigation, which never bothered to notice who funded such an attack? Osama Bin Laden the perceived master behind these attacks got a safe exit! He moved from Afghanistan to Tora Bora to a huge compound in a Northern city of Pakistan and finally his body was thrown into the sea. Done!

The clip ends with a simple formula that top brass American agencies follow: Ignorance is Strength

 Inside 9/11: 7 Proven facts

 The second clips isn’t about any claims, absurd or irrational theories. It’s something for the logical part of your mind to think about. What happened? Who did it? No clue! No one investigated it properly so we can’t accuse anyone in the world to be behind it.

Fact 1

Insider trading before attack Certain American airlines that were likely to be affected by the 9/11 crisis had already started the betting process just days before the attack. The independent international organization that proves this, didn’t get its report published anywhere in the US media. Investors involved in the insider trading are still concealed.

Fact 2

The 3rd Sky scraper World Trade Centre 7 collapsed geometrically following, exactly, the pattern of its original blue print. More than 1500 Architects and Engineers from around the world want a fresh investigation on this and they aren’t given a chance as yet.

Fact 3

No interceptors The hijacked planes were free to roam around. The American radars were active and so was the intercepting system just hours before the towers collapsed, how did they get jammed or were switched off?

Fact 4

On the morning of 9/11 according to an official memorandum, an exercise had to be conducted, called ‘Vigilant Guardian‘. This exercise for testing Virtual Hijacking and it occurred along with the original hijacking on 9/11.

Fact 5

Perfect plan for Radar gap- The airport from which the planes came and the target area (site of World Trade Centre) are quite near to each other. However, the hijackers took the pain of travelling an extra 250 miles towards west to reach the World Trade Centre (the alternate route supported weak or negligible radar detection)

Fact 6

Identification of hijackers Most of the common passengers were identified through DNA tests, if this was possible then what about those 19 men who had been alleged for hijacking the planes.

Fact 7

Osama Bin Laden NEVER claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. Osama Bin Laden made it clear several times that he had no connection with the 9/11 attacks and the video proving this was published 3 months after the incident. An independent German organization asserted that critical statements in the video were heavily ‘mistranslated’. FBI admitted the absence of any evidence about the culprits of this attack.

9/11 remains an unproven mystery tot his day. Journalists and mainstream US media made it easier for the US to impose its version of 9/11 on the world. Why would have the journalists placed their material safety at stake to investigate the conspiracies. Everything against the official version was directly refuted. 

9/11 is the Litmus Test

 It’s time to choose, are you a man of conscience or a slave of what is being said. This clip further elaborate the facts presented in the previous clip. ‘Eleven enduring mysteries of 9/11’ are still lingering, at least in logical minds. Anyone who opposes the official version is a traitor and those who support it are patriotic. Congress opposed inquiry of 9/11 and Bush agreed for the formation of a 9/11 commission on the condition that it’ll stay a secretive document. Those who wanted to discuss about it were fired from their jobs.

The clip calls 9/11, an event that completely changed the definition of ‘TRUTH’. That definition is:

TRUTH= The new hate speech

 The Death of American Democracy

 This is the last clip in the documentary and explains the influence of Rothschild Zionists (not Israel or Jews) behind all that is wrong, but depicted as right! A presenter in this clips shows a complete presentation of ‘Secretive Society’ (Rothschild Zionism) that has an aim of manipulating things to gain control over all the countries in the world.

There is a misconception that the presenter wants to remove all Jews aren’t Zionists and those who are Rothschild Zionists are the world’s filthy rich people sitting at the top of everything whether it be economy or foreign policy. There are visuals which show Jews protesting against the killings in Afghanistan, Iraq and above all, Palestine! These Jews get ‘zero’ media representation. The reason is that Israel is the fiefdom of the Rothschild Zionists that controls American and British administration. The interests of this fiefdom are looked after through a ZION MAINFRAME- a coordinated attempt to carry out Zionist agenda around the world. To support this the demonstrator tells that less than 2% of the American population consists of Jews and more than 50% of the political campaigns are carried out by the money of Rothschild Zionists. The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and European Commercial Bank is being controlled by the Rothschild Zionists. Israel has no right to discuss racism as it is the creator of it (the way it treat black Jews in Israel). It has never noticed the genocide in Palestine and the conversion of Gaza into a concentration camp.

Rothschild Zionism and 9/11:

Guess what? CIA investigator for 9/11, writer of 9/11 commission report, the then controller of Pentagon, all of them were ROTHSCHILD ZIONISTS!

Conclusion: A ‘must watch’ for all those who owe some duty to their conscience and have a greater sense of their existence in this world. There is much that has been missed in the review, but every line in the documentary deserves your patient hearing. It tells you about the world you are living in is a one being knitted craftily by some inhumane tactics. A small bunch of ruthless attempts to subjugate the entire world. 9/11 was just a part of the plan for executing other smaller tactics for maintaining hegemony of the world. It’s a lie, it’ll stay a lie, till answers are provided for all the anomalies and irrational official statements. As soon as innocent people will be victimized to bear the brunt of this attack then they also have a right to know the correct information.

Impact on the Audience:

The documentary wraps up at an emotional note. There is a difference in impact and it depends on your geographical location. If you are in the West then you can probably join this beautiful song with which the documentary ends.

But if you are sitting in the Eastern part of the World, like me then you’ll probably cry your heart out for living in such a bewitched word! 

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