Guest Posts

This page includes links for ‘Guest Posts’. Some of the readers of this blog contribute excellent opinions as comments via other networks like Linkedin. I wish to honour them through this page and I hope that they share my blog equally for expressing their views. The new year resolution (for the year 2013) of ‘’ is to acknowledge ‘Guest Posts’.


1) Either Brother in Faith or Brother in Humanity by Mansoor Syed 

2) Poetry My Soul by Azeem Ansari 

3) Come Down Number 1, Your Time is Up! by Nauman Tasleem

4) Should I Greet a Stranger or Not: A Socially Relative Concept by Nauman Tasleem

5) Gujrat Tragedy: We will Never Learn any Lesson from It by Nauman Tasleem

6) Punjab Chief Minister is the ‘Youngest’ in all Provinces by Nauman Tasleem

7) Privitization’s Hidden Aim: Exposing a Critical Danger to the Country’ Survival by Tariq Majeed 


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