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Sky and Sea

As the tides embrace the sea shore

The grieved sky attempts to implore

From where did you get this simplicity?

The tides reply along with the flow

It’s a consequence of our inner felicity

Transforming turbulence into unity

Much higher, yet you lack serenity

On the surface we portray composure

Your lofty character is just an exposure

Still people aim to fly high and forget you

Giggling softly, the sea moves to pay her due

What if I send back all that you pour down

I tolerate the thunder and your frown

Those forgetting me after flying off

Actually forget the place of withering off


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Humility and Gratitude

Briskly walking with his head erect
Money and treasure, he aims to get
He is in a stampede, chasing wealth
Acute shortage of ‘humility and gratitude’
Compels him to slaughter a multitude
The desire for more than enough
It has crystallized and made his heart tough
Oblivious about ‘humility and gratitude’
Man agrees to squash the destitute
Unaware, that he may face the same fate
Even then he piles up his plate
When would he be humble and grateful?
For the things which make his life blissful…
Even while swallowing all that is unlawful
He persistently denies being shameful
His conscience reminds him of ‘humility and gratitude’
But he refuses to change his haughty attitude
Let me remind you that life is temporary
Nothing in this world remains stationary
Just like dust your stay is transitory
These two traits, ‘humility and gratitude’
Can help you to acquire beatitude
Don’t forget your final abode
Where good deeds won’t be sold
Remember, the fables of the brave and the bold
All of them possessed ‘humility and gratitude’
From all this, you may conclude
It is the purity of our intentions
What Creator expects from his creation
Everything else is mere illusion
Being a human, demands ‘humility and gratitude’

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