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A Safer World After Him

It wasn’t a usual day, since she stepped out of her home. In one hand she clenched her sandwich as mayonnaise hastily poured out of it. Alizah was struggling to pile her books neatly with her arm serving as a pliant shelf. Her notebook was nestled in a network of notes. “I’ll surely miss the bus today, I can’t, I didn’t tuck money in my wallet to catch a rickshaw or a taxi, oh God! There is a really important lecture that won’t be repeated by the professor, there’ll probably be a discussion on political issues in the current affairs class”, she spoke to herself, while inadvertently chewing her lips. Luckily, she was able to persuade the conductor to let her in. “Listen! Uncle! please let me in, what if I’m late, the driver wasn’t punctual either”, Alizah added naughtily. “Come along now, hurry up! Don’t waste time”, the moustached and frowning conductor argued back. As she jumped on the seat and swallowed small bites of the sandwich, Alizah overheard a discussion between University students: they killed him in Abbottabad, they got him!”

Trying to concentrate on her haphazard notes, Alizah being an inquisitive girl was equally curious about the discussion that her ears were detecting inevitably. Then she persisted in focusing her attention towards the notes as she mercilessly started to damage the skin around her finger nails. After some time the driver rashly applied the brakes that jolted the entire bus. Girls hopped in as a flock of birds hovering over bread crumbs. Fortunate among them enjoyed the luxury of rusted seats with torn covers. The less fortunate ones hung themselves with the support of rusted and dusty rods attached to the ceiling of the bus. Regardless of their positions, every passenger dwindled at every speed breaker or turn. Ouch! Oops! Please be careful”, girls who usually travelled by their cars, but had to take the bus as a rare occurrence, complained frequently during the journey. For those who had ‘bus’ as the only option, giggled and engrossed in small morning chats, either through text messages or with their companions in the bus. Those obsessed with scoring high marks moved to and fro in order to memorize the text in weighty books. Alizah was planning about the day ahead. She was making a list of ‘things to do’ in her mind. During her way to University, she managed to assemble the following tasks: compiling presentation slides… Submitting my job tasks… Helping mother with the household chores as she is not feeling well… Making extra notes for a difficult topic of Psychology… Study the course, which the teacher hasn’t taught during half of the semester due to his busy schedule…

Before she could complete the list, the bus halted near her Institute at the University. Amid the disarranged mob of passengers, Alizah managed to squeeze through the exit door of the bus and instantly sniffed the fresh air. Much to her surprise, there wasn’t a single class conducted on that day. “What a waste of time”, she opined while meeting her friend, Amina, in the library. Her friend laughed out and said that it’s usual. Quite right!”, Alizah remarked in a low tone. So have you seen this, Bin Laden’s compound?”Amina inquired amusingly. “No, I didn’t!”, Alizah almost snatched the local English daily, Express Tribune, from Amina’s hand. I don’t believe this! These NAVY SEALs can figure out fish food pellets from the deepest of seas and Osama Bin Laden, he wasn’t wearing an invisibility cloak (that too an undetectable one) while walking from Tora Bora to Abbotabad.” Alizah remarked sarcastically while looking closely at the diagram of the Abbottabad compound, printed in the newspaper. Amina started to randomly turn the pages of another newspaper. It was hot as the month of May had just begun. To make the conditions worse, electricity vanished. Okay! I can’t sit in a boiler,” Amina immediately stood up, “I’m going out come along if you want to.” “Hey! Listen! Wait! Just a small portion of the news story is left”, Alizah nagged. Come on! You can go home and read it online,” Amina grabbed Alizah’s arm as she insisted her to come out of the library.

Just as they pushed the glass door, a class fellow of Nepalese origin waved hello to them. “Hey there! What’s going on these days? So they got him from your very own Pakistan, you’ll attract a lot of tourists, anyway,” he laughed with abrupt pauses. Amina stared at him for a while and Alizah kept on looking down. The Nepalese continued, “amazing isn’t it, just a few kilometres away from the military headquarters, world’s most wanted man was residing their…” “We didn’t see him, did you see him? The CIA has reportedly killed him and threw his body in the sea, not less than some sort of ‘wizardry’. I wonder why don’t they call him ‘You-Know-Who’ or the Muggles’ Lord Voldemort considering the amount of fear associated with him” Alizah interrupted. “Haha!You have a good sense of humour, the whole world is believing that he is dead and along with that, your country will be known for hosting him. We’ll discuss it some other time, I have to go right now!”, the Nepalese waved good- bye to Alizah and Amina, the girls reciprocated in a friendly manner.

“I guess I should leave as well,” Alizah sought permission from Amina. “Yes let’s leave together”. The friends waded out of the corridor in a friendly manner, meeting peers and professors while moving out of the department till the time they reached the spot where the University bus used to halt for accumulating students in it. Alizah and Amina managed to step in first and they got a chance to sit together. However, Amina’s place of destination arrived earlier. They were talking about the lack of concern people had for such an important thing. On their way back, no one was discussing Bin Laden. People were frustrated by the power crisis. It was only when Alizah reached at a stop near her house that she heard two men saying: “Thank God! We’ll be safe now. He is gone!”

She just walked a mile or so that a thundering sound made her fly like a piece of paper that got charred and was carried with the wind. A suicidal attack! Alizah knew she had lost her connection with the physical world, a world which ought to be much safer without him (he who must not be named).

Originally written for the Voice of Youth by Fakiha Hassan Rizvi.

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9/11: Proven Facts versus Fabricated Reality?

Reviewed by: Fakiha Hassan Rizvi 

Documentary: AwPT – 911 Ramifications videos (part of Seattle Media Community)

Released on: September 20, 2012

Producer: Pastor Don
Link for the documentary

Introduction: A documentary that discovers hidden lies, explains the manipulative strategies employed by a few – Yes! Just ‘a few’ people to mould events in order to set the world stage in accordance with their nefarious designs. If you dare to watch this, it’ll take just 58 minutes or even less to learn that events of 9/11 and those after it are nothing more than a ‘LIE’.

Here is your chance of knowing the ‘ifs and buts of 9/11’- the biggest propaganda of 21st century! I am not a bearded Taliban or a conservative Muslim fundamentalist … (pardon me)… they call them terrorists, now! Anyhow, a series of small clips combined in this documentary is sure to reveal some appalling facts, visuals and underlying realities buried, perhaps, under the debris of World Trade Centre.

On September 11, 2001 a 9 year old (at that time) like me along with the rest of the world went through a mediated experience that numbed the senses for a while. ‘Two air crafts colliding with the tallest buildings of the world one after the other’- ‘World Trade Centre at ground level within minutes’. From that day onwards not a single year has passed without listening about 9/11. It’s 2012 , I am pursuing a bachelors degree and professors teaching Mass Communication have directed me to read books written after the 9/11 attacks- why? It’s simple, 9/11 revised the world as it happened for this purpose. They alleged Osama Bin Laden to be the ‘most wanted man’ of the century and in the most specialized form of man hunt, they dug him out from a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan (my country) – so man hunt is better than all those complicated satellites and tracking systems they are spending their dollars on. That’s what I knew till I had watched this terrific documentary connecting each dot leading to the real culprits (as suggested by facts not just conspiracy theories) behind 9/11 attacks.

Producer of this documentary, himself tags it as ‘the most important work he has ever produced during a span of 7 years’. Pastor Don will convince you to endorse his words ‘It is now time for the real truth to go viral around the world’. 


The documentary brings together 4 startling clips starting from the ‘9/11 Conspiracy Theories‘ and ending at the ‘Death of American Democracy’.

 9/11 – A Conspiracy Theory

 The first clip reiterates the various conspiracy theories attached with the events of 9/11. In a nutshell, this is what all of them claim in an integrated form.

September 10, 2011 $ 203 trillion were missing from American and the reasons for this were being investigated in the Budget Revenue office of Pentagon (first floor), but a plane came at precisely the right place to explode things (first floor). On day after this, September 11, 2001, the world was taught how 19 men from ‘halfway’ around the world under the leadership of a technologically paralysed (Osama Bun Laden) used satellite communication systems to blow the tallest tower of the world. Pundits, News Anchors, Analysts, members of Bush administration through their reaction somehow gave the impression that they knew about it before it happened. Records were destroyed during the investigation, which never bothered to notice who funded such an attack? Osama Bin Laden the perceived master behind these attacks got a safe exit! He moved from Afghanistan to Tora Bora to a huge compound in a Northern city of Pakistan and finally his body was thrown into the sea. Done!

The clip ends with a simple formula that top brass American agencies follow: Ignorance is Strength

 Inside 9/11: 7 Proven facts

 The second clips isn’t about any claims, absurd or irrational theories. It’s something for the logical part of your mind to think about. What happened? Who did it? No clue! No one investigated it properly so we can’t accuse anyone in the world to be behind it.

Fact 1

Insider trading before attack Certain American airlines that were likely to be affected by the 9/11 crisis had already started the betting process just days before the attack. The independent international organization that proves this, didn’t get its report published anywhere in the US media. Investors involved in the insider trading are still concealed.

Fact 2

The 3rd Sky scraper World Trade Centre 7 collapsed geometrically following, exactly, the pattern of its original blue print. More than 1500 Architects and Engineers from around the world want a fresh investigation on this and they aren’t given a chance as yet.

Fact 3

No interceptors The hijacked planes were free to roam around. The American radars were active and so was the intercepting system just hours before the towers collapsed, how did they get jammed or were switched off?

Fact 4

On the morning of 9/11 according to an official memorandum, an exercise had to be conducted, called ‘Vigilant Guardian‘. This exercise for testing Virtual Hijacking and it occurred along with the original hijacking on 9/11.

Fact 5

Perfect plan for Radar gap- The airport from which the planes came and the target area (site of World Trade Centre) are quite near to each other. However, the hijackers took the pain of travelling an extra 250 miles towards west to reach the World Trade Centre (the alternate route supported weak or negligible radar detection)

Fact 6

Identification of hijackers Most of the common passengers were identified through DNA tests, if this was possible then what about those 19 men who had been alleged for hijacking the planes.

Fact 7

Osama Bin Laden NEVER claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. Osama Bin Laden made it clear several times that he had no connection with the 9/11 attacks and the video proving this was published 3 months after the incident. An independent German organization asserted that critical statements in the video were heavily ‘mistranslated’. FBI admitted the absence of any evidence about the culprits of this attack.

9/11 remains an unproven mystery tot his day. Journalists and mainstream US media made it easier for the US to impose its version of 9/11 on the world. Why would have the journalists placed their material safety at stake to investigate the conspiracies. Everything against the official version was directly refuted. 

9/11 is the Litmus Test

 It’s time to choose, are you a man of conscience or a slave of what is being said. This clip further elaborate the facts presented in the previous clip. ‘Eleven enduring mysteries of 9/11’ are still lingering, at least in logical minds. Anyone who opposes the official version is a traitor and those who support it are patriotic. Congress opposed inquiry of 9/11 and Bush agreed for the formation of a 9/11 commission on the condition that it’ll stay a secretive document. Those who wanted to discuss about it were fired from their jobs.

The clip calls 9/11, an event that completely changed the definition of ‘TRUTH’. That definition is:

TRUTH= The new hate speech

 The Death of American Democracy

 This is the last clip in the documentary and explains the influence of Rothschild Zionists (not Israel or Jews) behind all that is wrong, but depicted as right! A presenter in this clips shows a complete presentation of ‘Secretive Society’ (Rothschild Zionism) that has an aim of manipulating things to gain control over all the countries in the world.

There is a misconception that the presenter wants to remove all Jews aren’t Zionists and those who are Rothschild Zionists are the world’s filthy rich people sitting at the top of everything whether it be economy or foreign policy. There are visuals which show Jews protesting against the killings in Afghanistan, Iraq and above all, Palestine! These Jews get ‘zero’ media representation. The reason is that Israel is the fiefdom of the Rothschild Zionists that controls American and British administration. The interests of this fiefdom are looked after through a ZION MAINFRAME- a coordinated attempt to carry out Zionist agenda around the world. To support this the demonstrator tells that less than 2% of the American population consists of Jews and more than 50% of the political campaigns are carried out by the money of Rothschild Zionists. The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and European Commercial Bank is being controlled by the Rothschild Zionists. Israel has no right to discuss racism as it is the creator of it (the way it treat black Jews in Israel). It has never noticed the genocide in Palestine and the conversion of Gaza into a concentration camp.

Rothschild Zionism and 9/11:

Guess what? CIA investigator for 9/11, writer of 9/11 commission report, the then controller of Pentagon, all of them were ROTHSCHILD ZIONISTS!

Conclusion: A ‘must watch’ for all those who owe some duty to their conscience and have a greater sense of their existence in this world. There is much that has been missed in the review, but every line in the documentary deserves your patient hearing. It tells you about the world you are living in is a one being knitted craftily by some inhumane tactics. A small bunch of ruthless attempts to subjugate the entire world. 9/11 was just a part of the plan for executing other smaller tactics for maintaining hegemony of the world. It’s a lie, it’ll stay a lie, till answers are provided for all the anomalies and irrational official statements. As soon as innocent people will be victimized to bear the brunt of this attack then they also have a right to know the correct information.

Impact on the Audience:

The documentary wraps up at an emotional note. There is a difference in impact and it depends on your geographical location. If you are in the West then you can probably join this beautiful song with which the documentary ends.

But if you are sitting in the Eastern part of the World, like me then you’ll probably cry your heart out for living in such a bewitched word! 

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Islamophobia Intensifying into Islamorealism

As images of the twin tower collapsing flashed on the television screens, Al Qaeda was alleged for carrying them out. The world was segregated into ‘evil’ and ‘bad’ by the president of a hegemonic state. Muslims forcibly had to wear the tag of ‘terrorist’. The ‘war on terror’ was against all those who were with Al Qaeda and its leader, world’s most wanted man, Osama Bin Laden.

This war has covered a time period of 11 years and after a decade of blood shed Osama Bin Laden had been killed in a secretive operation by the US NAVY SEALs. If this is what the US wanted then the world must have been converted into a peaceful abode. The terrorist groups must have been eliminated by now and Muslims all around the world wouldn’t have been suffering from such discriminatory tortures. Every bearded man or a Pakistani wouldn’t have been stigmatized for his adherence to the injunctions of Islam. The ‘war on terror’ has inflamed the world by using ‘hate speech’, ‘psychological manipulation’ and ‘unethical stereotyping’. It’s not just the Muslims now, one of the world’s most tolerant states was literally shaken when at least 87 were shot dead by an eccentric Christian at Oslo, back in 2011. Anders Behring Breivik underwent a psychological check up and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Cemil Çiçek told a session on intercultural dialogue as part of the Third Consultation Meeting of the Parliamentary Speakers of the G20 Countries in Riyadh that:

“As people in North Africa and Middle East risk their lives to fight an honorable struggle that highlights the joint values of humanity; in Europe racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia are on the rise with the economic crisis. It is of great concern that political parties portraying migrants as a source of security concern, unemployment, crime, poverty and other social problems are increasing their support.”

This year we saw outrageous demonstrations against an anti-Islam film by Muslims all around the world. Things have gone beyond the poor and unjust notion of ‘Islamophobia’- which doesn’t imply a good picture of the world at all.

Rick Jacobs in his op-ed contribution for The New York Times discusses ‘The Sin of Sowing Hatred of Islam’ on September 25, 2012. According to him:

“The American Freedom Defense Initiative is the group spearheading this provocative anti-Islam campaign. In July, a federal judge in New York ruled in favor of the group in a freedom of speech case, forcing New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to place an ad that denigrates Islam in subway stations, and now, time may have run out for further appeals. It reads: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”
Those ads went up Monday.
What is the message of this ad, directed at the multitude of subway riders of countless faiths and ethnicities?
By using the term “jihad” in the context of a war against savages, the ad paints Islam as inherently violent, evil and bent on overthrowing the Western democracies and their key ally in the Middle East, Israel — even though, for the vast majority of Muslims, “jihad” refers to a spiritual quest, not the more politicized idea of holy war.
Yes, these ads are lawful. But they are wrong and repugnant”.

It’s an alarming incident. The dichotomy of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is getting more distinct. Where evil is being used as a synonym for the Muslims. Flawed and irrational concept of Islamophobia is burgeoning up as Islamorealism. It is just another well organized attempt to sling mud at the world’s fastest spreading religion. While the Arab world is engulfed with Syrian massacre and calls for self-determination, if Muslims won’t properly react to this strengthening ‘propaganda’ against them, then more anti-Islam films will be released soon.

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Media and the Coverage of ‘Terrorism’

Director, Institute of Communication Studies, Prof. Dr. Ahsan Akhtar Naz addressing the audience, Seated: Left (Farrukh Sohail Goindi), Center (Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami), Right (Sajjad Mir)

Communication technologies have provided an instant and easy access to global issues and ‘terrorism‘ is in the list of ‘most frequently exposed’ topics. The Institute of Communication Studies, keeping in view the sensitivity and complexity of the link that media has with the portrayal of terror, arranged a seminar on November 8, 2012. The seminar was presided over by the Director of the Institute of Communication Studies, Prof. Dr. Ahsan Akhtar Naz. In his preliminary note, the Director opined that terrorism took a lot of space in the global media after the 9/11 attacks. According to him, private television channels in Pakistan give more coverage to certain events that are a consequence of terrorism while there are some which are never brought into limelight. He suggested that policy makers at media institutions should identify and eliminate this difference in coverage. Farrukh Sohail Goindi and Sajjad Mir also shared their views with the students. The Chief Guest for the seminar was Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami.

While expressing his opinion about the ‘war on terror’, Farrukh Sohail Goindi said that there was no inquiry about the 9/11 attacks. Al-Qaeda was accepted as a terrorist organization. He told the students that during a visit to the United States even a person driving a Taxi asked me about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear assets. ‘Everyone was concerned whether or not Osama Bin Laden has access to Pakistan’s nuclear assets and I used to chip in a lighter vein that he doesn’t, but the US can get an access to them’, said Goindi. Discussing the issue of media portrayal, he said that Osama Bin Laden was a freedom fighter when he was fighting against the Soviets in Afghanistan for the ‘US interests’. Farrukh Sohail Goindi was of the opinion that Western media was following the agendas of US imperialism and Pakistani electronic media is also helping them to impose their opinions. He concluded with an interesting analogy, “for me the media can terrorize more than any General of NATO or a leader of Al-Qaeda and I call those ruthless terrorizers ‘General BBC‘, ‘General CNN’”.

Sajjad Mir before sharing his views stated that he couldn’t disagree with Farrukh Sohail Goindi. According to Sajjad Mir, the battle of left versus right has been eliminated, the world in gradually diving into the cyclone of ‘corporate culture’. He considered media a part of the capitalist system. Sajjad Mir discussed the manipulative strategies employed by the media in order to frame specific people as terrorists. He highlighted the prevailing terrorism in Mexico, which has never been given so much attention. Recalling an interview with the BBC, Sajjad Mir told the students that he was asked 20 years ago about the definition of a ‘fundamentalist’ and he defined it as a ‘political, economic and social resistance movement against imperialism’. In his concluding note, Sajjad Mir said that for achieving fairness and balance in the coverage of terrorism it is essential to get rid of media imperialism.

The Chief guest of the seminar, Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami advised the students to fight intellectually and compete with the world by gaining knowledge. He urged them to conduct research studies on the coverage of terrorism by the media.


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