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Rethinking Iqbal and the Voice of Youth

Poets come forth, scholars too, and philosophers

-Lands are not empty in seasons of slavery-

(Slave Mentality – English translation of ‘Nafsyaat-e-Ghulami’ by Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal)

The title might seem to be a bit different as one would probably come to the conclusion that what does Iqbal has to do with a social blog or an online youth community. Apparently communication and Iqbal’s thinking seem to be two separate entities. However, they are deeply linked together. Communication is a ‘mosaic’ with each unit being discreet yet intricately connected together. Marshall McLuhan is well known for his statement that: “The medium is the message”. He implied three meanings when he said this by playing on words and I’ll discuss the second one over here. By changing just one letter he stated that – “The medium is the massage” – by which he meant that the medium through which the message is being delivered massages our consciousness and our perceptions.

The poet of the East Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal used poetry as the medium to massage the consciousness of those Muslims which were oblivious about their past glory and were victims of British colonialism. Iqbal always stressed upon revitalizing the social and cultural life by spreading awareness instead of fulfilling political agendas. His medium had the potential to make the message effective. On similar grounds, considering the psyche of today’s younger generation, the Voice of Youth is massaging the consciousness of Pakistan’s youth. It is a heavy responsibility that requires diligence as well as vigilance.

From such platforms the philosophers, poets and writers of tomorrow shall rise in order to shape Pakistan into a progressive country. We need a nationalistic approach in order to tackle the problems of the present day and to move near to this approach people holding divergent views have to unite for ‘national solidarity’. Undermining the new mode of communication will keep us contained in the slave mentality. The need to raise our voice for the best interest of the nation is as significant as the revolutionary poetry of Iqbal!

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Youth: Trigger for Change

The younger generation is a precious asset for any nation as it is the future builder. Youth currently numbers 1.2 billion or approximately 18 percent of the world population out of which 62 percent of the youth is living in Asia alone. Youth, as defined by the Ministry of Youth Affairs Pakistan, is the population which falls under the age bracket of 15-29 years. The New Growth Framework of Pakistan points that the proportion of people under the age of 30 years is 68 percent out of which 32 percent is illiterate, 8.3 percent is self-employed, 9.5 percent is unemployed and only 2.5 percent has received On-Job training. These abysmal statistics not only depict the lack of concern by our government towards youth issues but also admonish about the possible extremism that may foment as a result of an illiterate and frustrated youth.

According to the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon, young people are making important contributions to eradicate poverty, contain the spread of diseases, combat the climate change and achieve the Millennium Development goals. The government needs to induct the positive potential of Pakistani youth and invest more in it as the progress of Pakistan is directly linked with engagement of youth in the nation-building process. It is our choice, either to utilize the latent energy of a talented youth for the welfare of the state or to face the adverse consequences which may erupt if youngsters don’t get their due share. Career counseling at school level, good education, vocational training and a decent standard of living is what the Pakistani youth requires. On the other hand, the minute faction of young population which possesses all the resources and enjoys the perks and privileges of life should play its part. They can engage themselves in social media platforms such as the Voice of Youth to raise a synchronized voice for a much coveted ‘better Pakistan’ along with the fulfillment of their social and moral obligations.

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E-journalism and the youth

E-JOURNALISM is emerging as a powerful form of alternative media. It is a two-way communication traffic where our opinions receive immediate responses and render us well-acquainted with day-to-day happenings.

Social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter are an attraction for the youth.

Unfortunately, these are seldom used for constructive purposes. Cyber bullying is becoming common; photographs and
videos are usually misused.

Youths need to reflect that they do have some sense of responsibility. Students should actively contribute in blogs and
participate in issue-oriented discussions.

Chatting with friends and delving in music on youtube shouldn’t be the sole purpose of using the internet. There are numerous blogs on the internet such as the Voice of Youth which has converted itself into a well-defined Social Action Project.

Similarly, there are multiple other activities like creating a page of your own for a noble cause or for discussion on current affairs. Blogging is a creative and enjoyable activity.

Youngsters are the future architects of Pakistan. High hopes linked with them should foster into a reality which can make Pakistan a progressive country.

This is only possible when the youth understands its responsibility and that it is indebted to this land.

E-journalism is a good option to start with.

This was originally published in Dawn newspaper on July 17, 2011.

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